This was my 48Hours experience...

It had snowed quite a bit the weekend starting on Friday, February 7th, about a foot or so. It had gotten so bad that the work crews around Boston College gave up for a few hours on keeping the sidewalks clear. In fact, due to the storm, we were worried that our trip could be cancelled or postponed, but it ended up only being delayed a few hours.

So we arrive at Falmouth somewhere near midnight. I go exploring and find us not only on the Cape, but there is 6 inches of snow on the beach. Well I was amused by this to say the least, so Ann and I go to the beach and I get my picture taken by the water.

On our way back inside, we see these guys headed out in swimsuits. Never to miss an interesting event, I follow them and take pictures of their Polar Bear recreation. This is Woody, the instigator for this event from what I remember.

Having run into the ocean, Woody and the other two guys came running back...

... grabbed all their stuff... 

... warmed up, and then posed for their pictures. Alas, this would not be the first time this would happen.

Ann accompanied me on this in her coat, though she did it differently the next time...

It was very picturesque from the inside, but the building itself was rather... unique from the outside.

Here's the path down to the beach. To be quite honest, many of these pictures are just because the whole concept of snow on a beach is a foreign idea to me.

I could make a joke about these being put here to make snow dunes, but I'll pass.

Here's a more complete shot of the hotel, though it was so oddly laid out that I can't really explain it. Just as an example: on the left side of the screen is the rooms in the 400s. Straight ahead is the indoor pool and outdoor pool. On the right is the 500s. The lobby is under the 600s and we were staying in the 700s and 7000s. That's about as much sense as I can make of it.

One cool thing about the snow is you can see the high tide line on the beach.

I wasn't the only kid mulling around the beach during free time.


Eamonn (pronounced A-min) found this buoy on the beach and threw in my direction, so I took a picture of this craziness.

And here he's throwing it back to the sea.

And release!

No man may be an island, but I'm part of a jetty here.

Along with a snowball fight (on the beach) we also made snow angels (on the beach).

Many people took part in this new pastime, snow angels on the beach.

A snowman was going to be built on the beach outside the dining room, however, this is as far as we got and hoped that taking a picture from a different perspective would make it look bigger.

So use your imagination and pretend this is like 6 feet tall.

While we were playing in the snow (on the beach), most of the people were chilling inside on couches and talking with people.

Part of the activities we did was make up skits about various collegiate topics including social pressures and academics, I think ours was the best, seeing as how we spent the time making fun of the group leaders. Ah, the memories.

Here is the 'before' picture. Look how warm they look!

Once on the beach, they took off their shoes and got ready to run in.

Screaming "We are BC" at the top of their lungs, all these people threw themselves into the water and all went completely underwater. Head and all.

Running back, once again, is the most hectic time of the night.

People filled the halls warming up and drying off. From what I hear, the only main side effect of doing this was that your toes might go numb for a few minutes, but all these people survived the "Baptism by Ice."

Here is the 'after' shot of the group. Who says a pinch of insanity is a bad thing?

It would get so cold that the foam on the waves froze on the beach.

Here is the group shot of all the group leaders. KC is the second one in from the right.