Some happenings during the first semester...

Outside of every room in Fitzpatrick there is a whiteboard for leaving messages or noting certain things. When I saw this whiteboard, I knew I had to take a picture. Only time would tell how true this message was.

Dressed in their Superfan shirts for the football game that day, Cali (left) and Andie (right), chill in my room.

Kate came out to visit Columbus Day weekend. We went and visited Mary Beth at Hellenic College and brought them both back to Boston College where we all hung out and enjoyed the company. 

They decided to set a mock 'dorm room' on fire to show how quickly it could get out of control. If you look inside you see they put two chairs, a desk, some posters, textbooks and some clothing in there. Unfortunately, they only let it burn about this much before attacking it with the fire hose. Only one chair and the posters died a fiery death. If only they had let it go a little longer...

There were quite a few people there too, and I wasn't the only one with a camera taking pictures of this event. Though, to give you an idea of the size of the event, this is only one half of the group that gathered. Some people just love fire.

Alas, they extinguished our fun much too early. Maybe next year they'll heed the cries of the student body to let it burn to the ground.

Off to the South Shore. This here is Katie in the HS marching band. In her hand is the feather for her hat that she lovingly refers to as 'a dead chicken.'

Now is it a bad sign when this is the visiting team's marching band...

... and this is the home teams?

Actually, the city right next to Duxbury is Plymouth, the one with the rock. So Katie was nice enough to drive us out to see the rock. Looking around, I am glad we came after the tourist season because the area looked like a major tourist trap. Also, coming on a day when it was raining kept traffic down too.

They actually rebuilt the Mayflower (it's called the Mayflower II). Just another tourist trap at Plymouth.

Here is the great mausoleum where 'the rock' is kept.

Back in the day, the rock used to be bigger, but people took chucks home with them, so they put up a guard around it to stop people from doing that. Still, they left the rock exposed to high tides, so every year, it gets a little bit smaller anyways. If you look closely, you can see where it is held together by concrete. If you look closely, you can see where they carved '1620' into the rock. However, no one really knows if this is the real Plymouth Rock since not too many people from 1620 are still around.

And in case you had no idea what the fuss about the rock was, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was kind enough to remind us who failed history. Let's just say that I've seen the Rock and have no intention of ever seeing it again.