The snow really started to fall on December 6, 2002. Click on the image to see a larger version.

I started taking pictures as I was walking through the Dustbowl. I was informed by Shaun as to why it is called this: "They call the dustbowl the dustbowl because when the college was very new and small that area used to be the track and field section and they used to have a track running around it. Well when it got bigger and moved, because of all the wear and tear the grass wouldn't grow there, so it was just one big dust bowl. Finally with fertilization and time the grass grew back, but the name stuck." Straight ahead is Lyons Hall.
That is the new Higgins hall. This is the newly redone brick road in front of Fulton Hall. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of Fulton, but it really is a nice building that has recently been renovated.
Here is the mystery object in the quad. It's not a fountain or a pedestal. More info to come later.
I love how the trees catch the snow on their branches.
Here is the library in an architecture that is odd for the campus. I don't mind it too much, and there is a nice brick plaza in front where people congregate at times.
Here is the Golden Eagle in front of Gasson. Once again, those windows on this side of Gasson are so cool. How could anyone not love this building.
Here is the walk towards the main gate from Gasson. The people on the Newton Campus know this walk well.
Here is how Gasson looks from the street that heads to the Main Gate. If you can't tell, it's my favorite building.
Here is St. Mary's and this is the building that the Jesuits live in.
I just liked this when I saw it. If you look, you can see that this girl walked through the virgin snow to talk to a friend at Bapst Library. There are so many little metaphors I could make, but I'll leave that up to the reader.
If you look closely you can see Boston from the campus. The main building is the Prudential. I should be taking my camera to the top of that building. More details later.
This is a random bench along the way, but this is one of my favorite shots on this page. I just like how it looked.
Here is the Main Gate stop on the shuttle. I love the shuttle.
Here is the other end of Bapst / Burns library. The buildings on the campus are so lovely and this is is no exception.
There are two ways to Upper Campus, one is the stairs, and the other is through this little neighborhood. There are so many quaint houses along the second way and I took pictures of a couple of them. When I saw this I thought it looked like a gingerbread house.
Here is a second quaint house near campus.
Here is the student center on campus. However, because it is on Upper campus, not too many people make it up here who aren't Freshmen.