This is what I captured between summer and Thanksgiving.

On one wall above my bed, I thought it would be appropriate to have the Playboy Bunny. Yea. Just because.

Above my bed on the other wall is the H-bomb. This is the picture that is shown in 'The Fifth Element' when the girl looks up 'war' in the picture dictionary. When I went down to buy the posters, I was interested in getting an A-bomb photo, but when I saw this, I had to kick it up a notch. 

Ah, yes, the 'Shit!' poster. To keep me motivated, I placed this above my desk to remind myself of what happens when you screw up when I'm doing my homework. I found this to be a better poster than the Hindenburg 'Shit!' poster.

Here's the finished product. All my packing supplies are under my bed, including suitcases and plastic bins. Also kept under the bed are such things as my laundry bag and my trash can. Aahhh, organization.

Ah yes, Katie and Moe (or Mo). This is a very nice picture of these two girls. Also, if you see behind them on my walls are my posters above the bed.

If you can see the trees, you'll see the stairs that torment all the freshmen on Upper Campus everyday. How we hate those stairs, especially in the cold.

On football days, they pretty much park wherever, say, for instance, on the lawn of Cheverus. I think this is Parent's Weekend when we played CMU.

They hand out yellow 'Superfan' shirts to everyone at Orientation, and then the idea is to wear them to sports games to show your support for the team. The deal is that through the entire game you remain standing and screaming. On the hot days, people start to faint, but that's all part of the fun.

Here's one of my favorite traditions. Every time we score, we throw people up as many times as we have points on the scoreboard. This can get out of hand if our score goes above 30, but I've only seen a couple people dropped.

Ah, halftime. This is all new to me, being from a school that didn't have a marching band let alone a football team.

I decided to take a shot of the actual game since I had brought the camera and all. Hopefully next year, I'll get a shot of just how big the Superfan section is.

Here we have Cali (Caitlin) and Andie (Andrea), roommates, eating 'froyo' (frozen yogurt) in Katie and Mo's room before they were detripled. Let me explain that last part: some people lived in forced triples (or 3 people in a 2 person room) because otherwise they wouldn't have enough housing for the entire freshman class. That said... 

Somehow Cali managed to fall off a stool while eating her froyo. It should be noted that she was known to have troubles with her balance.

I did take her out on one date. Andie, Katie and Mo worked together and got Cali dressed up for the date. I think they did an excellent job.

You have to understand that she likes seafood and is a huge Pink Floyd fan. That said, I took her out to Legal Seafood's. Then we walked along the Charles and saw the Boston skyline and went to the Science Center where they had a Laser Pink Floyd show with Cali's favorite album: Dark Side of the Moon. I amazed myself with the date, and I know I amazed Cali. However, in the long run, things didn't work out. Alas.