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Right then. Well below is the roll index, and where a roll has been divided to two different places, that is noted too. Also, note that there is an article (in French) that was published in the local newspaper after we had left.

--- This is an image of the article that was published in the local newspaper. [~600KB]
--- Same as above, but smaller (and harder to read) [~134K]
Roll #1 &
Roll #2 part 1
Our first few days in St. Etienne. Everything from arrival at the airport to our first night out on the town to school shenanigans and going bowling. Also some standard 'I was here' photos taken by yours truly, Adam.
Roll #2 part 2 This is where we took a side trip to Lyon. These pictures range from the arrival in the train station to the old city to the famous church. Along the way I took some pictures of the river. After the church there are some great overlook shots and then we go to the amphitheater.
Roll #3 part 1 Still in Lyon. We finish our time at the amphitheater then we see a really cool building with an interesting facade. After that we see a really neat fountain in the center of town. Then it is time to head back to St. Etienne..
Roll #3 part 2 Now we return to Saint Etienne and party hearty. There are a few shots of me here with women all over me, but I won't complain. We also go on a merry-go-round and Brandon accessorizes his hair. Finally, I start doing some reminder photos of how things looked. More of that in the next roll.
Roll #4 part 1 We see an old coal mine and go to a skate park where people skate, board and bike around ramps. Some skills are taught and others not. There are a few more nights of partying and relaxing. I took a few shots of the area we stayed in to remember how it looked and a few shots of the High School. We then receive certificates of completion and head off to Paris.
Roll #4 part 2 Well this is only three photos but its the Place de Vosges and a statue of the winged Mercury on a pillar. These are entirely from the first few hours of being in Paris before we even had seen our hotel accommodations. It had been a while since I had been in Paris and this was a good re-introduction to the city.
Roll #5 Talk about cramming a lot into 24 hours. We start off at the Centre Pompidou and from there see the reason why Paris will probably always look the same. The next day we start off at Notre Dame and then go to the Parisian City Hall (but we only look at it from the outside). We swing by the Opera and then it's off again to another landmark.
Roll #6 We start off by wandering the outside and courtyard of the Louvre Museum. We then go inside and check out the greeting area and look at some famous pieces of art. We then check out the small arch in front of the museum and then after checking on the river again, we head out to the Arc de Triomphe. 
Roll #7 After running into some friends from the States in Paris, we go to the Musée D'Orsay and see some really famous artwork. Next we head up to Sacré Coeur (pictured to the left) where we wander around the area, eat our crêpes and head back down the hill on foot. On our way down we pass by a cinematic icon. Then it's time to be touristy: we do the Eiffel Tower. There are some great views from up top.
Roll #8 End of the trip. We leave the Eiffel Tower behind and check out the University area and then its time to return to the states. There are only a couple photos from Kate Deschner's party but they show how relaxed we all were. We were sorry to see them leave, but we had some fun and have kept in touch.