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I had proposed the idea to Graham that he should come out to Boston for his Spring Break, and he was game. This worked out well since his was the week after mine, so I bought the tickets and brought him to my new town.

He crashed in my room for the week. We toured quite a bit, this time we're walking around the edge of the campus and made our way down the reservoir. 

Looking across you can see the Prudential building and other buildings in the Back Bay area.

The pond in the Gardens was frozen over, and in fact, the next week it warmed up and it all melted, but still Graham refused to walk out on the ice.

The statue in the Gardens. It definitely looks different during the winter. I must say, I prefer the summer look.

While Boston may not have the coolest skyline, or a highly recognizable, there certainly are some really cool buildings on the skyline.

After wandering across the Common, we see the Park Street Church and so I get a couple shots of Graham and the Church.

The city makes an interesting backdrop to the Church.

When we saw the City Hall, I said it looked like the FBI building in DC and Graham said it looked like a fortress. Considering the huge brick plaza around it, I can definitely see where he is coming from.

This is the Old State House in downtown Boston. There is a National Park Service office next to it. It was odd, but it makes sense. Makes sense considering there is a building built in 1713 across the street from it.

Graham pondered the Holocaust memorial across the street from the City Hall. It is a very touching memorial, even though it is somewhat off the beaten path, even though it is close to Quincy Market.

Tasha's birthday party! We ate at the restaurant Fire and Ice. Here are Kay and Becky, who both live on the floor above me, and who often show up at my parties.

Tasha! Happy Birthday! Yes, that is a slice of cake in front of her with a lit candle sticking out.

Not too much public transportation in the midwest, so I snap a shot of Graham on the Green Line. It may not be the biggest subway train, but it's the one I use all the time to head in from BC.

Here's a cool building. On the water side of I-95 is a really nice Marriott Hotel. The clock face looks really cool at night, but it's so hard to get a good shot of it.

Graham and I went to a delightful restaurant in the North End, where we were led into a basement where tables were set up. Quite the quaint place for lunch, don't you agree?

Here we are in the area of Quincy Market, and on that side is South Market. I believe they have one of those in San Francisco, but you'd have to check my other galleries to be sure. Interesting backdrop, though.

I believe this counts as child abuse in 15 states.

But this guy is out of control, making balloon hats for anyone with a few dollars.

Once again, the Old State House, surrounded on all sides by much newer office buildings.

For example, this is a newer building, and looks pretty cool from the bottom up.

Kate, this one is for you. It's a wicked good shot too.

I think it's somewhat obvious that they just added an art-deco facade to the Aquarium. It does look pretty interesting though. Not this trip, but maybe some other time.

Mmmmm. Legal Sea Foods. Quite possibly one of the best sea food restaurants on the east coast. And a gay waiter hitting on you and your friend only serve to make it more of an 'experience.'