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I arrived in NYC with no problems, arriving at the Port Authority in Manhattan, where Kyra and her mom picked me up. We went to the loft where they lived in Tribeca. Kyra's mom designed this about 15 years ago in what appears to have formerly been a truck loading dock. I think it looks very cool. 

Here's Kyra in their kitchen. She was hoping to show me around the city, but the next day she came down with a nasty cold and I would have to show myself around, but tonight she was in good health so we set out in the car for our first part of New York.

Kyra's mom dropped us off near the World Trade Center site and as we walked towards it, I saw the mural that was painted shortly after and even though I can't make out the words, I took a picture of it.

Here we see the crossbeam cross at the site, and also it's amazing how huge the hole is. I couldn't believe it. Something that can't be explained in a photo.

I stepped up to the fence and took a picture as close as I could get to the hole just to show how much work has been done. It's a truly amazing part of New York City and our nation's history.

Here I tried to do something symbolic. I don't know if it works well or not, but I've stepped back from the fence and took a picture of the cross on the site. I was looking at this from my perspective and said to myself, 'I saw it happening, but I didn't know anyone who died and I wasn't in New York, and that puts a barrier between me and those who are in those groups.' And that's what I hope this picture shows. After this picture, Kyra and I went back to her house. Later we hung out with some of her friends and I got a crash course in the New York subway which definitely came in handy.

The next day, Kyra fell ill, and she encouraged me to go out and see the city, which I had every intention of doing. Kyra's mom pulled out a map and I decided to see the Empire State building first, so Kyra's mom was nice enough to drop me off at the base of the building.

This impressive plaque greets you when you walk in and are about to get in line for this experience. The line is pretty long, it took me about an hour to get to the top, but it was well worth it.

In this photo you can see the Chrysler building near the center, and the UN building on the water. Also, this picture shows how my card was starting to go bad, which means I'll get a new one this summer. 

Continuing counterclockwise around the roof, we next see Central park in the top half of the picture, also on the left side is the edge of Times Square. More on that later.

I got to the next corner and saw that on every side of the building they showed which direction you were facing. Spiffy. And the fence is a good idea too. Don't want people falling off.

Looking down at Macy's. Don't have much else to say about that one. Kudos if you can spot the building with the corner it's on painted on it's roof. 

The top part of the Empire State Building. Lots of antennae. Kinda reminds me of a similar picture I took at the top of the Eiffel Tower in my Paris photo Album.

Ah, downtown. Zoomed in and you can see the Statue of Liberty there in the water.

A really big version of the above image. It served as my desktop for a while.

Continuing counterclockwise around the roof, it's amazing how huge the city of New York is. Hey, I'm from the Midwest; what do you expect?

Then there was the mirrored wall in the area where people stand when the weather is bad, and I tried to take my picture with Downtown Manhattan. I figure there should be at least one picture of me in New York. An 'I was here' picture.

Here's a picture of Time's square from a little away and a hundred stories up. Hmmm, looks cooler within.

Here is one of the direction signs up at the top.

Like the shot earlier, but without me in it.

Once I left the Empire State Building, I knew I wasn't expected back at Kyra's loft so I decided to walk around and make a day of it. I looked at the map and decided to make the New York Public Library my first stop.

OK, I have no idea what purpose that building serves, but here is the real library that people think about.

I like this picture of the New York Public Library with the lion out front.

When I called up my mom from the top of the Empire State Building and told her I was headed to the library next, she told me to take a picture of the reading room. So I did.

Here it is again with a different look. It is truly an impressive room.

Hard to mistake this for anything but Times Square. I was such a tourist, gaping mouth, taking pictures of the advertisements. It was a treat to walk through the Square.

I was definitely amused by the red thing in the center of it all. This picture gives you an idea how crazy the area is. The day's not over, it continues in the next gallery.