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This continues the narrative started in the other New York City gallery. As I continued my walk around, I saw this really cool looking building and I got the Empire State Building in the shot and took a picture.

Looking up at the Chrysler building. I was originally planning to go in and see if I could go up, but decided against it when I saw how late it had become, and how much more I wanted to accomplish this day.

Since it was close, I walked to Grand Central Station, took a picture of its most famous room (which was smaller than I thought it would be). Then I hopped on the subway and headed to the tip of Manhattan.

I stepped out of the subway near Battery Park and wandered around taking picture. Here is a good shot showing a portion of Battery Park (which seems to be owned by the Canadians, what with the maple leaf symbol and all) and the sculpture that used to stand at the WTC, but now stands here, reassembled.

Here is what you can see of New York City from Battery Park. Shows the diversity of buildings at the tip of Manhattan. 

Here we can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. This was as close as I got to either one this trip. I was especially disappointed that I could no longer go up the Statue, so that explains why I didn't visit. Perhaps some other time.

For some reason, there is a Fort Clinton in Battery Park. I didn't read the history, but here it is.

Right next to Battery Park is the area known as 'Wall Street' where the NYSE is, among other things. I could make a joke about this lady 'riding the bull market,' but I'll leave that to the casual reader who is used to my jokes.

What is this building? I never could figure it out. Although I hear it has something to do with AT&T and switchboards.

On my last full day in NYC, I went to Central Park. Here is a fun shot across the Great Lawn with part of the New York skyline behind the park. I actually didn't walk the entire Central Park, but I did do the 'bottom half' where all the cool stuff is.

Here is a picture of the Obelisk next to the Great Lawn. I say if you've seen one Obelisk next to the Great Lawn, you've seen them all. The trees look nice too.

Across the Turtle Pond, you can see Belvedere Castle. There are so many, well, interesting things in Central Park, and this is one of the more impressive ones.

Standing at Belvedere Castle, looking back across Turtle Pond into the Great Lawn.

There are so many different areas in Central Park, such as this tree-lined area with streams and other such things.

Such as 'natural' waterfalls.

Here is the Bow Bridge, crossing one of the lakes in Central Park.

As I was walking around Central Park, I saw this guy dancing/singing/performing. And, well, it was interesting.

Here is the Conservatory Water where they race miniature sail boats every year, today people were just out practicing their technique.

The Alice in Wonderland sculpture. It always has kids crawling on it. There is a story as to why it is there, but I forget it now.

Apparently, near the Conservatory Water, a falcon has taken up residence in one of the skyscrapers that border on the Park. People come with high powered telescopes to watch the falcons. Why they do this is beyond me, but you can see on this guy's TV one of the falcons in question.

Here is the Bethesda Terrace which is where the Mall in Central Park ends/begins.

Walking down the Mall...

Here is one of my favorite pictures looking across Central Park towards it's South East corner and the buildings there.

They have these pillars all over the park, telling you where you are and what significance any of the sculptures or water formations have historically.

Here is the Trump Tower at the edge of Central Park, South West corner.

The AOL Time-Warner Building. Under Construction.

Remember The Maine! Or so says the Merchants Gate.

Just a picture of the device that sells you tickets to get on the Subway.

A night out with a recovered Kyra. It's a shame she missed out on my adventure first hand, but there is always next time.

A picture of Kyra's cat, why? I don't know.