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I find stuff like this amusing. They picked a very busy weekend (Prospective Student Weekend, Black Family Weekend) to tear up the stairs leading up to the Freshmen Quad. This means that people had to use the hill to get up there. It didn't help that it was going to rain that weekend. I find stuff like this amusing.

Here is the Quality of Student Life Committee at its year end pizza party. I'm back in the back. It is a fun group, and we strive to make Boston College a better place to be a student.

Yay for birthdays. Mariel convinced me to come out to Dick's Last Resort. If you've been to a Dick's before, you know that the waitresses make fun of you all night and if you're lucky, they even give you an insulting hat. Here is their version of a birthday cake, Dick's style.

One of the kids who was with us decided to make interesting sculptures with the stuff at the table, here is one result.

Here is the artist himself, with his creation.

The four of us, myself, Captain, Nadia and Mariel all got hats from this experience. What a fun night that was. I almost picked up the waitress too, but I blame that on my charm. *grin*

Me and Paul in the North End. Steph took my picture, and I took hers, but she didn't much care for the one I took of her.

I met Steph in the first month on the freshmen cruise in Boston Harbor. I knew she was interesting at the time, and only later did I find out her love of large fish statues.

I love the Bunker Hill monument. This is the second time I visited it, the first time being in the Prudential gallery lower on the photo index page.

Yep, 294 stairs. That's no lie. I swore I'd never do it again after the first time, but that vow didn't even last a year. I did get some more good pictures though.

A full shot. You can see all of downtown Boston, Back Bay where the John Hancock building is located, as well as a complete shot of the new Bridge that will hold I-93.

A framed picture of the new bridge and the John Hancock building directly behind it.

Looming like you've never seen looming before. A cool shot though.

Here is the building at the base of the Bunker Hill Monument cast into shadow.

Watch out! She's tried to steal 'Old Ironsides' before!

The back end of the USS Constitution.

The Navy Yard that the Constitution rests in. It's historic!

That's my Boston from the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Located a block from the 'B' line between BU and BC is a Spike's. If you don't go to Brown, you've probably never heard of Spike's. It's got to be the best hot dog place in town. Real hot dogs at real good prices. Definitely worth a visit. 

This is the most flattering picture of Talia I have. Isn't she great?

Brittany Ruggels was in town to look at BU, so I went to dinner with them at Vinny Testas near the Prudential Center. Alas, her parents took her back shortly after this photo, and she ended up at McGill, which she will enjoy.

A surprise concert awaited us at the end of the year. Here's a freestyle mixing going on. If you weren't there, it happened down in the Mod parking lot, with the fans facing the Comm. Ave Garage. 

Crowd Surfing!

It's Jurassic 5, and if you notice, the guy on the right-most is wearing a BC sweater. 

I saved all the mint tins I ate while at school, not including vacation time, and here is the end result. Works out to about a tin a week. I might have an addiction to minty fresh breath.

80's night with red-headed Stephanie, Allison and Claire. I declined to go, but you can see how much people were getting into it.

On a nice spring day, I decided to take a walk around campus with my camera, and capture the buildings of Boston College exactly how I see them, this here is the Burns Library.

The sign and the face of the building.

Here is the Golden Eagle outside Gasson Hall. It is actually an Osprey because when the Japanese dignitary bought it, he got his birds mixed up. We still call it the Golden Eagle because he meant well.

Looking across the O'Neill common area, is Devlin Hall which holds the BC art museum.

Here is the front of the O'Neill Library, which was built in an entirely different style from the rest of campus. I don't think it looks too bad, but it does stand out.

Fulton Hall, home of the Carroll Business School. Located in the main quad.

Lyons hall, where Student Services and most language classes are held. It's on the quad too, but there's nothing too interesting to write about it.

Here is Gasson Hall, my favorite building on campus. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile.

Here is a shot like the one above, but the larger size that can be set to a background image.

Here is Higgins Hall, the Biology building on campus, which just had a complete renovation. This is a large size, because I wanted to set this as my background too.

Looking towards the Dustbowl. What with the trees going into bloom, it's a nice view.

The weekend before finals, I decided to take a mental break and skip off to Smith College.  Here's a look at their campus.

Ah, the necessary 'I was here' shot. Note the name on the gate post.

It's alive! Actually it is. It's a little fort made of vine that grows every year.

Here is Heather, Kate's room mate, wandering through the vine fort.

Here is Kate Brennamen, who was in my graduating class from high school, who I decided to visit that weekend.

Heather and Kate gave me a tour of the campus, including the Boat House, and as you see here, the greenhouse too.

Just out having fun.

Christy Lin, from a summer camp long ago also went to Smith, so I swung by her dorm while I was there, but she was very busy so I didn't have much time with her.

Then the day before finals I set myself on fire. My right hand, set on fire. It's an interesting story if you want to hear it some time. But I had my hand bandaged all through finals, making writing interesting. I did well though, and my time spent at Health Services was good studying time.

After finals were over, Mariel's parents came into town and took us out to dinner at Vinny's. We sat around and heard stories from their college years, embarrassing Mariel.