I had a small party before heading off to BC, here are the photos.

Here we have David and Sophie (or as I used to lovingly call her: Spike or Ekips)  in my front hallway. They were the first to arrive, and alas, they were unable to stick around for a long time. 

Lindsay Toth, or Baby/Mini Tooth came along as well to see me off to college. I threw this party the day before we loaded all my stuff into the van to drive myself out to Massachusetts. 

It's Rosie Shestak, she was the youngest invitee at the party and if you can't tell, is just a troublemaker in general. However, an interesting detail is that her family has known Kate Schwenk's family for a long time, and through 2 different states.

Here Rosie pets Rho-zi (or Rosie). In the background we see all those pieces of computer equipment that would need to disappear eventually. If only I could have found someone in Fort Wayne to sell the darned things...

Gabe had shin splints that day, so she was relaxing with an ice pack. Behind her on the Naugahide chair is all my CDs and DVDs and various other goodies packed up for the trip.

More shots of people at my party, here we have Kate Schwenk with Rachel in the background along with my New Yorker poster. I can't really explain it other than I think its cool.

Rachel has a theory that in all pictures taken of her, she looks either drunk or high. What do you think?

Does this even need a caption?

Let me explain that last one. Dan Schloss is a pretty crazy guy, but I guess I can say that about all of my friends. In that photo he looks extremely sexy, and y'all can't deny it. This shot is Mal, and above her Left shoulder is my awesome Shakespeare poster. There will be more written about Mal elsewhere.

This is Liz, my 'little sister.' She's the greatest, and you got to respect that.

Here's Xan as she walked up towards my house. That's just like Xan though to be the last one to arrive.