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At the beginning of the year, our RA (Chris Mello) put these on every door on our hallway showing where everyone was from. As you may be able to see from this picture, most of the people were from Connecticut, and I was from the furthest out.

My direct roommate, Greg Garra, is quite the ladies man. Here we have (from left to right) Nina, Jess and Leigh. He ended up dating Jess for most of first semester and is still dating her as of when I'm writing this.

Josie is still at Harvard, and I made sure I visited her in the first month back at BC. She's still doing 427 things, and is spending all of her breaks in the Boston area it seems. It'll be interesting to see where she ends up after college.

This is what our common room looked like for much of the first semester. It was decorated (as it always was) by Brian 'Deuce' Ciccone. We later took down the lights when we heard that fire inspections were happening. We left up the jerseys for a while longer though.

This is the other half of the common room. As you can see, the lights continued to the far wall where an eagle hung. Shame we took them down.

Here is the crowd that gathered in O'Neill plaza when Michael Moore came to campus. There were thousands of people gathered in the plaza. Most from BC, but quite a few people from the Boston Community were present as well. I stood on one of the cement pillars by Gasson Hall to see him speak.

As you may be able to tell, I was quite a distance away from him. It was interesting to hear him speak. He was making good points, but was doing so using oversimplifications and overstatements. However, there was quite a buzz leading up to and after his visit, so it was definitely a success.  

On a long weekend, I made my way out to western Massachusetts to see friends at Smith again. While I was there, I stopped by Amherst College and mentally traveled back in time to when I went to a summer camp there years ago. It is amazing what came back to me when I was standing in certain spots.

Here is the war memorial that overlooks the athletic fields. It was one of the places that I remembered while I was walking around the campus and so I took a picture of it as well as many others that I didn't put up because their stories would bore most people. 

Back at Smith, I got a tour of the campus, including the recently built student center. It's very modern with interesting design choices abound.

While I was at Smith, I heard that Natalie Bell and her mom (a good friend of my mom's) would be at the school checking it out. Natalie went to the same high school as me and we had become good friends during my senior year, so I couldn't help but catch up with her.

In the middle of October, my parents flew me down to North Carolina to go to Oyster Fest. Here's the whole gang. From left to right we have my dad, my little brother, my uncle Bob, his friend Bea, my Oma and my Opa.

I pity those who never get to go have fresh seafood, pulled from the ocean in the past 24 hours and cooked in front of you. Here we see them pulling out a tray of oysters from the steamers.

Next they dump out all the oysters onto a table and fill up buckets for public consumption.

They give you a bucket filled with oysters (bottom right) and a heavy-duty prying instrument and let you have at it. The secret is to go for the back of the oyster where the two shells are joined, there is where you can get the best leverage. 

That's not to say I spent the whole time eating oysters. My dad, my brother and I spent most of our time down by the surf, either swimming, biking or laying out in the sun. 

I love the bridge onto the island. It is rather picturesque. Sure, it would be more 'modern' to have the huge high-rise bridge, but this has more character. I wouldn't give it up.

Ah, Halloween. Here we have Tim and Greg dressed up as cowboys, in their new hats. 

Not quite sure was Dave Ranta is doing over there, but Greg and Brian Hawko (as Ray Finkle) are ready to go out and have their fun.

Here is my only picture of tailgating. Almost always, we'd end up at the Ranta's tailgate before the game, have some burgers and a Coke and then make our way into the stadium for the game. The guy not wearing a yellow shirt is 'Deuce' and the guy next to him is Matt King who left BC after first semester.

I just threw this in because once they finish the Yawkey Athletic Center, you won't be able to look out from Alumni Stadium to the Plex and Edmonds. 

Here is a true representation of the student section at a football game. Students are the yellow blob, and the band (the Screaming Eagles) are the white blob. I was disappointed last year when I didn't get a picture of the student section, so here is my redeeming photo.

On the first day of Thanksgiving break, Christo struck the new residence hall.

For Thanksgiving break, I decided to save some money and go to a friends home. Steph (far right) drove us from BC to Wethersfield, CT where we stayed at Allison's house (Alison is on the left side of the couch). It was very enjoyable and family traditions like their Yankee Swap kept me surprised the time we were there. 

Here is a random picture of me with Nadia (left) and Sara (right). There aren't enough pictures of me on my site, so I thought I should include this one. Plus I really like the sweater I'm wearing.

Well winter hit and we approached Christmas so the Christmas lights went up on the tree near O'Neill and I took a picture of it at night. It may not be in good focus, but it's festive.

Here is an old aerial photograph of Boston College that is located on the second floor of Fulton Hall. You can see that the oldest four buildings were Bapst, St. Mary's, Gasson and Devlin. You can also see how the Dustbowl was the old athletic fields and that where I'm living this year used to be part of the Reservoir. 

There really is no sane description of this picture. Any of you who have seen 'Super Troopers' should remember the 'syrup chugging' scene. Well, Dave Ranta, Brian Hawko and Matt Barwinski decided to go for it. As you can see, Matty B. won the chug followed soon thereafter by Hawko. Why Ranta is wearing the cheerleader outfit is beyond me.

This is a picture of me and Tiana Estrada. She may be small, but she's full of energy and kinda scary. All kidding aside,  she's a great kid. You can also see that our room wasn't as decorated by this point as it once had been.

The first massive snow of the year. This one was one for the books. What a way to send us off to go back home. Because this was so close to finals, they didn't cancel classes and slowly dug out as we prepared for finals. 

I mean, it snowed alot. Some people sledded down the roof of the Plex until the BCPD came along and yelled at them.

Gasson from O'Neill plaza. It is still snowing at this point.

By the time I had made it all over campus, it had stopped snowing and I got this picture of the Golden Eagle in front of Gasson.

Here is the side of Gasson that faces Commonwealth Ave. You can see the golden eagle in the middle of Gasson. People were starting to move around at this point.

This is just a huge picture of Bapst library, but I liked it too much to cut it down. 

Well we came back from Christmas break and our room needed a new look. Deuce put up the signs and placed the inflatable bottles over the lights.

He had also made the cups over the break.

The jerseys were moved into our 'hall of fame.'

Both hallways leading away from the common room got the 'hall of fame' decoration.

Deuce had painted the eyeball with phosphorescent paint. Placing a black light over head and a plasma globe in the center gave this a freakish effect.

Also looking much cooler under dark conditions were the glow cups Deuce had created over Xmas break.

We got creative and made a replica of the BC football field on a piece of plywood. It's rather accurate, except we replaced the design in the middle with a cooler one as seen below.

Here is the Eagle that deuce painted in the middle of the table. We think this would make a better design for the football field. We have yet to hear back from the athletic department.

My mom came to visit in the middle of February and we did the historic Freedom trail. Here we are walking by the statue of Paul Revere.

My mom hadn't been in Boston for over 30 years so I showed her around and so we went to historic sites as well as shopping and a show here at BC.