The photo gallery for the second semester of my sophomore year starts at spring break. Many photos from early on in the second semester ended up in the previous gallery, however because of all the photos I took second semester, I couldn't move them into here without making an absurdly large gallery. Anyways, for spring break I went to Montreal with (from left to right) Steph, Allison and Sarah.

We went up and had a good time, from hitting up the pubs in the area we were staying in to going out for karaoke, we had a good time. Here we see Steph singing 'Like a Virgin' in a karaoke bar.

It may not make much sense to go even further north especially when our spring break was so early this year (at the end of February), however given the cost of going to someplace warm, it was decided that Canada (or Canadia, depending on who you ask) would be a good place to go.

Among the places we went in Montreal was the Casino of Montreal. I took a couple pictures outside since they wouldn't let me take any inside due to security. It was a good time, I lost some money to the slots and even Steph, who is from Las Vegas, had some bad luck at the tables and didn't do well at all. Oh well, it was a good time anyways.

While I was up in Montreal, I went and visited my friend Britney who goes to McGill which is right there near the heart of Montreal. She and I wandered all over random parts of Montreal, such as the old port district where the streets were brick and the buildings were rather old.

I enjoyed this one, one thing Montreal requires is that there has to be a certain amount of 'public art' placed in each construction. When they were building this subway stop, they decorated the exit in a fashion similar to the old Metro stops in Paris. If you look through my Paris pictures, you'll see an untouched Metro stop from the early 1900's that this is copied from.

Close to the McGill campus, I saw this bench that had been struck by either a car or a truck and I thought it was a good example of modern art. I have no real other reason for this picture other than that.

On March 12th, Boston College held it's 2004 Financial Conference. Every four years, BC invites many financial leaders to come and speak about what the future of the economy will hold. While held in Conte Forum, there were few tickets available to students, so I was glad I was able to get one and attend.

As you can see here, one of the keynote speakers was Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Other speakers included the CEO of Comcast Corporation, Brian Roberts, and the cofounder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang. They each had insights into where industry was headed and some speakers were more interesting than others. 

One of my extracurricular activities at BC is being on the Quality of Student Life Committee (QSLC), and one of the projects we worked on this semester was the Traditions campaign. The president of the University was looking for new traditions to endorse at BC and QSLC helped collect ideas. Here my roommate Greg helps me fix the banner in the dustbowl that had been torn down by heavy winds that weekend.

Here Sara and I are at the AHANA ball, where we danced to music from all over the world and ate some of the best food I had tasted in a while. For those who don't know, AHANA is the student group that is there to support minority students who attend BC. In the end, it warmed me up to what was coming the next weekend.

The very next weekend was Middlemarch, an organized dance that has been going on for over thirty years at BC. Each year has a theme, and if your name is drawn for a ticket pair, you dress up along the lines of the theme. This year the theme was 'Superheros and villains.' I did not win a ticket, but Kristen was kind enough to take me as her date. We also went in a group with Steph and Sarah, and we had a great time.

Our April Fools prank was played on Racki who fell asleep in the common room for a few hours.

The bowls were filled up with water and drapes were put over him so he wouldn't wake up as we set it up.

When he did wake up, he pulled on the curtain, pulling a couple cups of water down onto him, but was able to make it out of the common room without getting too wet.

Later, Deuce decided to move all the filled bowls to outside the RA's room, and stacked them deep enough that you could no longer reach the handle on the door, since we didn't know if the RA was in his room or not. When Mello came back, he quickly figured out it was our suite who did this and we helped him clean it up.

I remember when it came time for me to visit colleges and decide which one was the right one for you. Gabe Smith was in town, seeing if Boston University was the right school for her. Her older sister also lived in my dorm building and so while Gabe was out in Boston, she came and visited myself and her sister. She ended up agreeing that it does 'suck to BU' and decided to go elsewhere for college.

As I found out, Sarah had not visited much of Boston her freshman year at BC. She was also really into history, so one weekend we went and walked the entire Freedom Trail. It was the first time that I'd ever walked it from end to end and it did a number on my feet.

We made it to the USS Caspin Young and I found the biggest guns I could stand behind and had my picture taken.

Here is the skyline of Boston as seen from the deck of a WWII destroyer.

They still have an example of 'dry dock' in the old Charleston Navy Yards to show how ships were worked on when they needed hull repairs.

Brian Hawko and Patrick Guiton were opposites in their partying mentalities, but we still all kicked back from time to time.

Here is David Racki at the Boston Marathon.

If you stood on the curb and stuck your hand out, you could give high-fives to the runners passing by.

At times, the road was pretty thick with runners, running down the back side of Heartbreak Hill.

However, the BCPD did not enjoy the students stepping onto the road to give high fives and would constantly yell at students to get back on the curb.

Towards the back of the pack were people who ran in costume. I can't assume they were comfortable since it was a blazing hot day outside, and these people were wearing even more clothing than I would have dared.

Here is a nice shot of Greg and his girlfriend Jess. She was a good 'extra roommate' since she kept Greg in line, and tried to get him to switch from a Yankees fan to a Red Sox fan.

Here is the spring QSLC BBQ, which was held at the very end of the Boston Marathon. It served as a good time to relax and see what we had accomplished so far and what we still needed to do on a couple projects.

Every once and a while, an old friend would call up and tell me they were at BC or coming to visit. Suzie stopped by once, but had to leave early to get back to Brandeis. I have nothing too interesting to say, but I'd feel bad if I didn't thank her for stopping by and visiting me.

Another foray into Boston had me go to the Christian Science Center and check out the Mapparium as well as the area that puts out the Christian Science Monitor every day. This trip also gave me an opportunity to check out the area around the Center which included Northeastern's campus.

David Racki sporting his do-rag and trying to look tough. Don't let this fool you, he's a softie.

Here are Tim and his girlfriend Jen. She also was around enough to qualify as an 'extra roommate' at times.

Here's Michelle, who along with Jen, Jess and a few other girls not pictured here, lived upstairs. We called her 'mom' as she took good care of us when we needed it, she also is on the Color Guard and would wave to us when she saw us at football games.

One night, the Beanpot that held ping pong balls, was bounced off the couch and crashed onto the floor. Here we see Racki cleaning up his mess.

Near the end of every school year, the UGBC puts on a concert for the students. This year it fell after I had a long exam and so I slept and missed the entertainment. From what I heard It wasn't anything too interesting, so I don't feel like I missed much.

One day I wandered around taking a few pictures of things on campus, here is the statue located in the main hall of Gasson Hall.

Also in Gasson Hall, is the Fulton room, named after the debate society that would meet here. The room is well-decorated, but I couldn't get too much a better picture than this one.

I had to put this one in. There was a small presentation to those who passed by about alternative travel methods in Boston. The Segway company was there showing off its cart, and as a BCPD officer tried one out, I knew I had to have a picture of it. 

Another thing Michelle did for us is to keep us in line when we got out of hand, as seen here.

Back to the top of the Pru. It was a beautiful day and Sarah and I got to look out over much of the city.

Looking down at the Christian Science Center.

The day was really clear, and as I looked through my binoculars, I realized I could see one of the buildings on College Road, as well as many of the other buildings on middle campus.

This is the courtyard of the old Boston Public Library building.

The QSLC end of the year dinner was a wonderful way to wrap up a semester in which we wrapped up the Newspaper Readership campaign, the Traditions taskforce, and extended the Drop/Add period to name a few.

One of Sarah and my last journeys around Boston took us to the JFK Presidential Library. Sarah is a huge fan of JFK and so we had fun learning details about his presidency.

Here is the seal of the President, just a bit larger. I tried to have my picture taken with it, but the exposure never came out right. Oh well, it was an enjoyable museum visit anyways.

Looking back to Boston from the outside of the Library shows how stretched out Boston is, with Back Bay on the left side of the picture, and what most think of downtown on the right side.

Right across the parking lot from JFK was the Massachusetts archive, which held many historic documents and even what history has been dug up in the course of building the Big Dig. It was a quick visit as the day was getting long and studies had to be done.

After most of the roommates had left, it was a little empty moving out. I was the second to last person to leave, so my room was a bit empty for a while. This marked the end of this semester, but already I was looking ahead to the next semester when I would go abroad.