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No, no, no. It's supposed to be hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil; not two 'see no evil's. Oh well. For those of you who didn't know, this is Kate (right) and Katie (left).

There we go. Anyways, Kate and Katie, myself and Graham were the first people at Ground Level, our coffee shop in Fort Wayne, IN. And as you'll see, we took it over this night. Alas, none of the barristas we knew were on duty, and turnover had meant that most that we knew no longer worked for Ground Level. Oh well.

This is Gabe Smith. She is the little sister of Addie Smith, who goes to BC with me. Most of the people in these pictures are juniors and seniors at Canterbury High School and Homestead High School, unless otherwise noted.

This is Graham Smith (the taller, better looking version of me) on my right, and me on the right. He is currently a freshmen at Albion College in Michigan. Oh the trouble we have caused.

Gabe, Graham and I sitting are sitting on one of the couches, Kate and Katie are on the other one at this point.

It's Mal! She is such a badass. Mallory! Did you sell my stuff yet? :-P

Graham and Kate, what trouble they have caused, and they know what I am talking about. 

This is Liz, my 'little sister,' and I watch out for her, so watch out!

Kate, Graham and Liz chillin' on the other couch.

Hey! It's Adam! and Jen too!

Group shot! Who do we have? Gabe, Grant (a sophomore at Albion), Liz and Nick. That's right, Nick, we're talking about you.

So is it really a fight if the losing party is having fun?

Pssst, Graham, the picture is on the front of the painting. And, no, there is no safe behind the painting. I can see you're disappointed.

Well Katie, I don't know. What is the going price of a bushel of corn?

Big fun times group shot! Kate, myself, Jen, Graham and Katie. We all be big pimpin'.

Graham and I at the counter. That's right. We almost own the joint.

It's the latest fad for college students.

That way, if you fall over while studying (or drinkin') you won't have such a large headache the next morning.

Thanksgiving 2002! Let's check it out!

Mmmmm. Real food. None of that college cafeteria food.

Oma serves it up at the table.

Oh yea, that's a good spread. Most of those things made it onto the first plate. Yum Yum.

Let's enjoy this homemade meal. That other kid is my brother Colin. What a kid brother. Alas, Thanksgiving was too short... but it's not too far from Xmas!