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This is my Spring Break 2002. For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to have our Spring Break the first week of March. As far as I know spring doesn't begin until March 21st, but who knows. I went home to Indiana for my break, and actually spent half of my time up in Michigan at Albion College. But I did spend some time with Kate and Katie.

The weather was cold both in Boston and the Midwest, so I didn't leave the winter this year. Being cold and being home, I spent time with my friends, such as Lindsay and Jordan at the usual coffee shop. 

When I was packing for this trip, I forgot to bring my digital camera (I know, what was I thinking?). So I used a disposable and had them put on a CD so I didn't have to scan them in. The outdoor shots are alright, but it looks to me that the indoor shots aren't as nice. Such as me, in the coffee shop, after stealing Lindsay's headband.

However, one effect of a different camera, is that when you click on these pictures, a different sized photo pops up than what I usually use. For example, this picture of Graham in his natural environment is larger than what it would be if it were a shot from the digital.

We did our fair share of lazing at Albion, but when we went out, we got excited, as you can see on Graham's face. Notice the Sunset Beach t-shirt. Who's up for another visit to the beach? I know Graham and I are.

We did go see a jazz band while we were there at Albion. I have a feeling that most of the audience was there as part of a class requirement. Lots of people taking notes.

Since the first shot of Graham in his natural environment didn't show the mess, I thought it would be appropriate to show how the 'real' college dorm looks. To be fair, we were packing to go back to Indiana, so there is a bit more mess than usual.

Ah, Goodrich chapel. Hey Graham, see the tower? Wait 10 seconds. ... Hey Graham, see the tower? That's the building that seems to make it onto much of Albion's merchandise, so you know it's important.

Turning around, this is the freshman dorm. There is quite a bit back, but when the class is 400 people, one massive building is enough to hold almost the entire freshman class.

Here Graham is standing by the rock that is painted every 24 hours with a new advertisement. Graham says that there is so much paint on that rock, that when it rains, the rock grows another 2 inches. I would be frightened. Damn you Sparky, damn you.

Here you can see the main quad. Quite a bit bigger than any quad in Boston. On the right you see an old observatory that has become the Honors building. See, it was built back when the college was on the skirts of town, whereas now, it is... oh, wait, never mind.

See, I thought it would be funny if I got a picture of Graham knocking on the bell in front of their main dining hall. However, I don't think it worked out the way I was hoping. 

This is the Kellogg Center, which is where we saw the Jazz Band play up above. It is the student center on campus and also holds the mail room and bookstore among other things. Graham and I were both taking pictures of the campus, as you can see.

This is TKE. It is the frat that Graham is joining. BC doesn't have frats, so it's a different party scene to be sure.

This is downtown Albion. They've done the main road in brick, which is what I really liked. Also, if you look down the sidewalk, you can see the world famous Albion movie theater.

So a river runs right through downtown and I didn't notice it when I was arriving. Maybe because the street isn't too different and maybe it's because they've built the buildings over the river. That