I went home for Christmas after I had finished my finals. These pictures should give you some idea what all I did.

A view out of my room window looking across Hammond Street, including trees, Sophomore housing and power lines. Caution: large photo. These large photos were done because the smaller photos look bad when I made them into my desktop. These large photos look much less grainy and are preferable. 

The Christmas tree with goodies beneath. It's all about the spirit of giving. Large photo.

Here's the shot I took for my desktop. All of our 'lil stockings hung all in a row. A nice large photo to remind me of the Christmas season.

Chelsea was in town and here she's taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me. Or something like that. Liz is trying to get it straight too.

Here's the group for this coffee shop visit: myself, the ever impressive Chelsea, Grant, good friend Gabe, Nick and as always the best little sis Liz.

A few days later I went to see a couple people playing in the Indiana snow. Here is Lindsay Toth showing off her new hat.

And the oft-missed 'Kinky' Anna Marie. I'd love to explain that nickname, but I won't for two reasons: to keep you all wondering and mainly because I don't remember the exact details, but it did happen at school ;-).

This Christmas we had my mom's whole side in Fort Wayne, so we all did family dinners so often. This here is the one time that we went out to dinner at Casa's. I didn't really get everyone in the shot but all the kids (minus myself, of course) are visible in this shot. 

This cousin was my birthday present when I turned 11 (she has the same birthday as I do, so I got a cousin as a birthday present). She is such a bundle of fun.

Back to the coffee shop (where much of my time is spent). Here Kate is trying to ward me off with the light built into the key. I think it actually worked that day. Curses! Foiled again!

People like to take pictures of people taking pictures in Indiana. It's all there is to do since the photos of cornfields have gone out of style. Katie also takes part in this new trend, but this time Kate is taking the picture. I'm just relaxing at this point.

Here is Mal. She is Kate's best friend and as far as I can figure has a love-hate relationship, though luckily, recently has been more on the former than the latter. We invaded her house and caused all sorts of trouble as seen below.

I visited the school on the last week I was there on Wednesday. In this shot you can see David sporting 'Wednesday dress' including the button down shirt and tie. Don't ask, I can't explain it. Also in the shot is Charita Roque who's one of the coolest people in the class.

Here is our locker room. That's right, all our lockers are in one room, and this is half of them. If you look closely you see that no one uses locks (they're against the rules) and they are full sized. Few people wear backpacks around because the school is so small and the lockers are decently sized.

Here's Sophie who decided to grow her hair out. This was rather unsettling to see, so a picture had to be taken.

Val Jackson, a junior now, is a very interesting person and could beat me up if I said anything mean about her. That said, moving on...

Here is half of our classrooms. This is the upstairs hallway which mimics the downstairs hallway. With 60-70 kids a grade, that's right, my graduating class was 66 kids, the school doesn't have to be huge. But the campus is nice, I should get some shots of the campus next time I'm there.