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 This gallery starts at Spring Break second semester sophomore year, and while that may seem like a much shorter time frame, more things happened than this gallery suggests. Spring Break was spent in Montreal, Canada and was a blast. Next up was the 2004 Financial Conference at BC, with guest speaker Alan Greenspan. After that were the AHANA Ball and Middlemarch, keeping my dancing shoes on two weeks in a row. A long walk on the Freedom trail lends itself to more pictures of Boston, as do visits to the top of the Prudential Center and the JFK Presidential Library on the edge of Boston. Scattered within are the life and times of a college student, pictures I couldn't pass up.
First semester, sophomore year. What a blast. Move into an 8-man suite, get to know my roommates and get things organized. Early in the semester, Michael Moore comes to campus and a crowd gathers to hear him speak. Later, I make my way out to western Massachusetts where I relax at Smith and visit Amherst. I then spend some quality time in NC with the family. Soon after, I'm off to Connecticut for Thanksgiving with fiends. Things got crazier as it got colder. Our big snow of the year came just as we were getting ready for finals. I was grateful for the mild Christmas break in Indiana as the temperatures dropped to single digits in New England. Some second semester photos are in this gallery, including a redecorated room and my mom visiting.
The second semester of freshman year was great! Busy but great! Mariel convinces me to go with a bunch of people to Dick's Last Resort in Boston where I have the time of my life, and of course, take many pictures. Next, Steph and I do north of the North End together and we head up the monument at Bunker Hill and also see USS Constitution. I snap shots around BC, including when J5 did a concert on the last day of classes. Second semester also sees me go to Smith College where I relax right before the rigors of finals. In the end, I set myself on fire, but that doesn't stop me from having fun.
I took too many photos in NYC that I wanted to keep, so here's the second gallery. During the second half of my weekend in New York City, I do the interesting half of Central Park and take many pictures in the process. I also see Battery Park and Wall Street. Alas, it all ends too soon, thus look forward to another gallery for NYC next time I make my way there.
We get almost a week off for Easter Break at BC so I decide to spend it some place interesting. I am able to convince a friend in New York City to let me crash at her place so she can show me the city that never sleeps. Unfortunately, when I arrived there, she fell ill and couldn't show me around. After her mom explained how the subway system worked, I was off to see the sights in NYC including the WTC site, the top of the Empire State building, New York Public Library and Times Square. This is only the first half, I took so many pictures, I had to make another page for the second half, as you see above.
I finally make it to the top of the Prudential. I take a few pictures and then it's off to the Freedom Trail where I end up passing by the Old North Church and then arrive at the Bunker Hill monument. I make my way to the top and snap some more shots before I head down to the USS Constitution. Not bad for one day.
Graham comes out to BC for his spring break, and we tear up the town. While we do spend most of the time on campus, we do go into Boston twice, and one of those is to celebrate a birthday party that happened during our spring break. On our second venture to Boston, we mainly do Quincy Market and the area around it.
For my Spring Break in 2003, I head home to Indiana. I spend a few days in my hometown, and then it's up to Michigan where Graham goes to school at Albion. As always, we cause trouble (though those photos didn't make this gallery) and I do find time to take pictures of the campus. However, I somehow managed to forget my digital camera, so these are from the Photo CD, and therefore are of different size and quality than usual.  
My 48Hours Experience. 48Hours is a retreat, our group went to Falmouth, MA for the weekend 2/7/03 through 2/9/03 (the other group went to Plymouth, MA). It had snowed quite a bit the day we left, in fact, with the weather, we were all concerned that it might be pushed back to a different weekend. Fortunately it was only delayed by a few hours, but this lead to many 'experiences' as shown in this gallery. 
Time for Christmas! Our house is decorated, and we have our relatives out from California. As always, we invade our favorite coffee shop as well as Mal's house. Later on, I go and snap some shots at Canterbury High School. These 3.5 weeks went too fast. Also included is a shot out my dorm room window. 
December 5th and 6th it snowed quite a bit, and on the 6th I took my camera out and took some photos of what our campus looks like under a blanket of fluff.
Thanksgiving 2002! Time to take over our favorite coffee shop and take as many pictures as possible. This is the resulting page. So many friends at home. That said, enjoy the gallery. 
I finally take pictures of my Fitzpatrick room as well as some new friends. Then it's off to a football game against Central Michigan on Parent's Weekend. Afterwards, I take Cali on an interesting date.
These are the first events I experienced here at BC. While I get my room organized, I don't get around to taking pictures of it until the gallery above this one. However, I still get certain things on digital film: a dorm room on fire, and a visit to Duxbury to visit my good friend Katie. While in Duxbury, we head to the next town over, Plymouth, and see 'the rock.' All those things and a few more here.
Right before heading off to BC, I invited all the friends who were still around in Fort Wayne. You can see all my stuff packed up in these photos. These are also my last shots of 'my room' before my mom took it over as her home office.
During my Junior year at Canterbury High School in 2001, an opportunity came up to go to France in a mini exchange program. I jumped at the chance. I loved it there and these photos show how interesting the trip was.
In the winter of 2000, my family went out to California to visit family and see some more sights. It's all laid out and ready to go. We not only visited San Francisco and many of the sights there, but also Monterey, NASA and spent time with relatives.