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Below are photos, in reverse chronological order, of what I've been up to, where I've travelled to and who I've spent time with. Click on the photo to see the gallery.

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2014 return to top
Newport in August Sarah and I take a trip to Newport, we tour Rosecliff and The Breakers, we walk the entirety of the Cliff Walk and travel to a couple wineries.
Summer 2014 We check out the Minuteman Park, Plymouth and the rock, Mt Auburn Cemetary, Fall River and Battleship Cove.
Saint Louis 2014 We were invited to a wedding near Saint Louis so we spend a couple days with Colin seeing the city before going to the wedding.
Frozen Four and Lowell Hockey team goes to the Frozen Four and we go to Philadelphia to watch the team. I later spend a day walking around Lowell.
Winter 2014 Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, watch hockey, take Sarah skiing for the first time and celebrate a baby shower.
2013 return to top
Fall 2013 We take a harbor cruise, a river cruise, visit Sturbridge Village, watch some BC hockey and go to a BC game at Maryland.
Colin's Albuquerque Wedding Colin and Natalie get married so Sarah and I head out to New Mexico. We see the sights, taste the food and have fun at the wedding.
Summer 2013 and Honeymoon We go to a wedding in Maine, then it's off to the beach for our honeymoon. We do trips to Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Wilmington.
Wedding Season Sarah and I finish preparing for our wedding and are married. A week later we went to central Massachusetts for a friend's wedding.
Winter into Spring 2013 BC hockey wins the Beanpot, we take a trip to UVM, start working on wedding items, Marathon Monday and the post-Marathon photos.
2012 return to top
Fall into Winter 2012 Prepping for Halloween, see lots of BC sports - hockey, football, basketball, after Thanksgiving it's time to set up and get ready for Christmas!
West Point and Harbor Cruise A trip to West Point to see BC play Army, then we  go to the Berlin Fair. After we return to Boston, Sarah and I take a cruise around the harbor.
Columbus and Fort Wayne Sarah and I fly into Columbus to visit Graham and Angie. We then drive to Fort Wayne, see the Johnny Appleseed festival, and spend time with my family.
Summer into Fall 2012 This fall we check out the Chestnut Hill Waterworks museum, see construction at BC, watch cliff diving downtown, and then start the football season.
Gloucester and Rockport We take a plesant day trip to Gloucester and Rockport on Cape Ann. We check out the museums and art galleries. 
Sunset Beach 2012 A trip to Sunset Beach for the week of July 4th with Sarah. Always great to see family.
Summer 2012 I get a new camera and take it to the MFA, to First Church and to Boston's Harborfest where I see some tall ships.
Spring 2012 Sarah and I go to a hockey banquet. Later, my mom comes to town for my graduation from the MBA program.
Championship Hockey Start with Hockey East tournament, a side trip for me to the Customs House tower and then we celebrate a national championship!
Colin visits Boston Colin comes to visit and we do the Freedom Trail, visit a couple breweries and have a great time in Boston.
Winter 2012 Lots of hockey! Watching Boston College hockey in Conte and the Beanpot in the Garden.
2011 return to top
Christmas 2011 For Christmas, we see my family, take a couple trips to Wilmington, play mini-golf and walk across the new bridge. A busy three weeks.
Fall 2011 A trip to Fort Wayne to see Oma. Back in Boston, I check out Occupy, attend some BC sports and Graham visits. Finally, a trip to Yale to see BC hockey.
Summer 2011 Late summer, Sarah and I go see Eddie Money in concert, we spend a day in Worcester and go to a Renaissance Fair.
July 4th This July 4th, we dogsat and housesat for a friend, we went downtown for the fireworks and we also took a nice stroll across Boston.
Las Vegas Sarah and I take a trip to Las Vegas for Steph and Jon's wedding - we stay in the Excalibur and find a nice balance between relaxing and finding things to do.
Reunion Weekend Various events surrounding the 5th year reunion - a tour of athletics and a party in the evening.
Spring 2011 Spring 2011 included a trip to a Red Sox game and a visit to Larz Anderson Park.
A few shots of BC hockey games at the Garden followed by a fun trip to Salem.
2010 return to top
Xmas 2010 Head down to the beach for Christmas. We spend a day in Wilmington and even get a dusting of snow!
Fall 2010 A busy fall: carve a pumpkin, attend sporting events, check out Halls Pond, take a trip to see Sarah's family and Sarah joins the Bar.
Jen's Baltimore Wedding Sarah and I head to Baltimore to be a part of Jen and Paul's wedding. We take in the local sights and head to the Aquarium for the wedding.
Big E and Football We go to the 2010-2011 BC football games as well as the Big E.
DC and Arlington A trip to DC with side trips to Mt Vernon, Manassas and Dulles.
Trip to Saint Louis

Went to St Louis to visit Colin and see the sights including the arch, the AB brewery, the zoo, the science museum, etc.

Spring 2010 Spring games, Marathon Monday, Sarah's graduation from law school and the Lindeman wedding.
Winter 2010 Winter includes a hockey game at Fenway, a few away hockey games, a walk around Boston and celebrating a national title in hockey.
2009 return to top
Christmas 2009 Some hockey in Boston and then off to the Beach for Christmas.
Fall 2009 A busy fall - see the tall ships come to Boston, see the Stanley Cup, visit Revere Beach for the sand castles, attend a few football games, and make a jack-o-lantern.
Summer 2009 See a couple parades, some photos of the new apartment, and spend July 4th in Boston.
Move and Indiana Moving from Cleveland Circle to Coolidge Corner, see the ocean race visit Boston, visit Indiana including trips to see family.
Winter and Spring Sarah and I take a trips to Providence, and Fort Wayne, we see a Lowell Devils game, watch the marathon and lots and lots of BC sports.
2008 return to top
Christmas 2008 I go to a citizenship ceremony for a coworker, than head down to the beach for a family Christmas.
Fall 2008 Lots of BC football games, including one at UNC. Sarah and I visit the Arnold Arboretum and I take some pictures of the Financial District.
August 2008 A summary of the end of July and August, seeing me move, visit Fort Wayne for my birthday and a trip to Ogunquit, ME.
Summer 2008 Sarah and I take walks around Boston, spend the 4th of July downtown and see a concert.
Baltimore Trip We take a trip to Baltimore, we go to the Top of the World, see the Constellation, visit Fells Point, the Star Spangled Banner Home and Fort McHenry.
Spring 2008 BC hockey games lead up to the NCAAs and then Sarah and I celebrate a national title. I wander around Boston a bit and celebrate a friend's graduation.
2007 return to top
Xmas in Italy Sarah and I head to London, then it's off to an apartment on Lake Como. Afterwards we travel to Venice, Rome and the Vatican.  A whirlwind 3 weeks!
Fall 2007 Many trips to the NC coast, some BC football, Oysterfest and moving up to Boston.
Summer 2007 Sarah comes to visit and spend a day at the beach. I get into a car accident but that doesn't slow me down. I also go to my Oma and Opa's 60th anniversary.
Spring 2007 A busy spring - travel to Boston to visit law schools with also travel to the beach before being the best man in Graham and Angie's wedding.
Winter 2007 Start with some BC football, spend some time at the beach and then it's off to Duke for a basketball and a baseball game.
2006 return to top
Training in NYC As part of my hiring at CS, I spend three weeks in NYC training. I sneak away to Boston for one weekend at the begining.
Washington DC A train trip to Washington DC, we head to most of the memorials, we see a number of museums around DC and the cemetary in Arlington.
Summer 2006 Moving down to Carrboro, I spend some time in Raleigh and at Sunset Beach as well as a visit to Fort Fisher.
Las Vegas Trip to Las Vegas after graduation. We went to a bunch of casinos and also took a trip to the Grand Caynon and the Hoover Dam.
Graduation Leading up to graduation, I stayed up all night and then had to walk across the stage to collect my diploma - a long day.
Senior Week The week before graduation, and I made the most of my last week in Boston, finishing with the commencement ball.
TechTrek Took a trip as part of a class, went and saw many of the top Silicon Valley companies and spent some time in San Francisco.
Spring Semester Senior Year

Attend 100 Days, outlast a blizzard, go to some hockey games, party a bit and cheer on the Marathon runners.

2005 return to top
Xmas Break Senior Year Christmas break senior year at the beach. In Fort Wayne a water pipe burst in the attic. I also go visit Graham and Angie in Bloomington.
Senior Fall Part 2 The second part of the fall semester, I spend time on campus and in Boston and Thanksgiving is spent in CT.
Senior Fall Semester Part 1 The first part of the fall semester - Obama comes to campus, Pops on the Heights, football tailgating, ESPN Game Day comes and I do a campus crawl.
August 2005 August includes a trip to Fort Independence, a Sox game, a visit from Graham and Angie, a Mattapan Trolley ride, a visit to Stone Zoo, and Sunset Beach.
July 2005 During July I spend the 4th in Boston, visit Provincetown, Dorchester Heights and Trinity Church, and take a river cruise with my summer employer.
June 2005 In June, Sarah and I go to the Franklin Park Zoo, travel with some friends to the Cape, visit the Harbor Islands and go on a duck tour.
May 2005 I travel to Fort Wayne and see some friends, then back Boston in the minivan. I spend Memorial Day weekend with friends in the Common and grilling.
Junior Year - Spring Semester - Part 2 A few QSLC events including a guest speaker and some meals, Colin also comes to Boston to visit and I show him around.
Spring Break in NYC Sarah and I go to NYC and see Central Park, the Empire State Building, Grant's Tomb and Ellis Island as well as wandering across much of the city.
Junior Year Spring Semester Part 1 I spend some time in Boston, attend an Equality strike, visit the original BC, watch the Marathon and visit the new Brighton Campus.